Time Off

Sanofi US is proud to offer competitive time off and leave benefits. We understand the importance of flexibility when you need days off due to life’s many circumstances, both planned and unexpected.


Annually, Sanofi US publishes one holiday schedule that applies to all U.S. employees, and one for all Puerto Rico-based employees.

In addition, all employees will receive two (2) floating holidays*. These floating holidays will be available for use at the employee’s discretion, with manager approval, for the personal observance of a holiday or personal celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary. Floating holidays may not be carried over into the next calendar year and will not be paid out.

* This is not inclusive of Personal Days, which are covered in our vacation policy.

Volunteer Days

As part of Sanofi’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), participation in company-approved volunteer activities is covered by our volunteer policy, which allows Sanofi employees to engage in company-approved activities, on behalf of the company, up to two (2) working days (16 hours) per calendar year, subject to the needs of the business and manager approval.

Flex Work

Sanofi US recognizes that flexibility in the workplace is an important benefit for many of its employees. In turn, this flexibility allows Sanofi US to maximize productivity and build competitive advantage. As always, business needs and operating requirements remain the first consideration and priority, and approved flexible work arrangements will consider productivity, customer service, and departmental coverage. For more information, review the Flexible Work Guide.

Vacation & Personal Days

We recognize that time away from work benefits not only you, but the Company as well. Your vacation benefit is accrued on a monthly basis and based on your length of service as follows:


Additionally, you receive three (3) personal days. These are prorated for New Hires as follows:


Read the complete Vacation Policy for more information. Except where governed by local regulation, vacation days do not carry over from year-to-year and cannot be “sold” for cash compensation.

Jury Duty

Sanofi US encourages its employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities, including serving as jurors and grand jurors. In an effort to promote such service, the Jury Duty policy provides protection of employment, benefits, and pay during the performance of jury duty. If you receive a summons for jury or grand jury duty, you must notify your manager so that consideration may be given to coverage during your absence. Additionally, a copy of the notice to serve jury duty should be provided to your manager upon request. Jury duty days off are provided as needed.

Read the complete Jury Duty policy for eligibility rules and information.

Sick Time

The Paid Sick Time Policy applies to all employees of all Sanofi US companies in the US. Sanofi US provides 5 days of paid sick time. Together, all participating Sanofi affiliates in the US are referred to as the “Company”. This policy does not apply to employees on international assignment assignments or employees of Puerto Rico.

Read the complete Sick Time policy for eligibility rules and information.


Sanofi US offers employees paid time-off for bereavement. For a death in the immediate family, you will be allowed up to ten (10) days of bereavement leave with full pay continuation upon approval from your manager. For a death that is not in your immediate family, you may be allowed up to five (5) days of paid bereavement leave at the discretion of your manager.


For more information, read the full Bereavement Policy.